Custom Inlays

Custom Wood Floor Inlays

Personalize your hardwood floors with custom wood floor inlays from Dream Hardwood Floors.

Hardwood floors can be beautiful without any adornment at all. But when you want to add a little something extra special to your flooring, custom wood floor inlays are the perfect solution. Not only do hardwood floor borders and inlays give you the chance to express more of your personal style, they will also instantly provide a high-end look to your flooring and support the value of your property.

Why Choose Dream Hardwood Floors

Skills: After more than a decade of experience in the wood floor business, Dream Hardwood Floors has developed such a mastery of wood floor installation that incorporating custom wood floor inlays into your flooring will be easy. Whether you choose premade medallions or inlays or a completely custom design, you can count on our skilled craftsmen to provide exceptional workmanship.

Service: At Dream Hardwood Floors, we strive to offer the highest level of service to every client. In the case of custom inlays, this means we will work closely with you to understand what you envision for your medallions or inlays and make that vision a reality. All work will be performed by our owner, or else personally supervised by him to ensure the highest level of quality.

Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. We will do everything in our power to make your project go smoothly and quickly. We always clean up at the end of each workday, and we can work around your schedule to help make getting your custom hardwood inlays as convenient as possible. The fact that 85 percent of our business comes from referrals stands as a testament to our ability to leave our customers totally satisfied with every aspect of our work.

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Custom inlays can provide a special flair to your hardwood floors. We have many designs to choose from and would love to enhance your floors with a custom look and design.

┬áIn many cases the builder and decorator may not know much about floor inlay installation and rely on the installers they use for information. Every installer should make it a point to read up on and practice installing each type of inlay before they start cutting into a floor. It is nice for a client to know about the install procedure also. Many times the installer has never put in a medallion. A “dry run” on a piece of scrap plywood is advisable, especially if this is a first time project for the installer.The install techniques shown below are based on my personal experience. I have previously installed all types of floors from laminate and engineered to vinyl, ceramic tile, stone and of course my favorite 3/4″ hardwood. I am not only a floor installer, but an inlay specialist. This is my job and my specialty so I stand by what I say. I have over 150 inlays installed in all flooring types(tile,carpet,stone,wood,etc)under my belt. Most floor installers may have put down one or two inlays and more than likely have never made a medallion. So feel free to ask me what, where, when or how to install a floor medallion.